BEYOND classes guarantee you a sweaty, intense workout that’s anything but routine or recognizable from other fitness classes. From the start to the finish line, you will experience strength and resistance exercises, cardio intervals, and the after-burn effect that will boost your metabolism for hours post-workout.

Each class is safe and sweaty; but most of all, FUN. We tailor our music and our movements for each session to create your most empowering, mindful, varying and exciting workout experience.

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BEYOND Interval Training
4851 Legacy Drive Ste. 503, Frisco, Texas 75034

BEYOND Pilates 
4747 4th Army Drive, Suite #100 , Frisco, TX 75034
You will experience a mixture of low and high intensity intervals by way of a safe, fun and different path. Interval training combines short bursts of speed (or, as we like to call it, movements that require a little more caffeine) with slower, more mind-provoking movements during recovery phases. We carefully select movements and combinations that work both the aerobic and anaerobic systems and can be progressed over time.

We challenge you to mentally connect to your muscles and push yourself to an empowering new level of fitness; we use tempo-specific beats to lead you through innovative movement combinations in varying time domains; we incorporate functional, Pilates-inspired exercises to keep your body lean, healthy and mobile.

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